It´s tea time! 

On the 14th of February between 7:50 and 9 o´clock we, the class 7a and Mrs. Münster from the Leopoldinum, went to the Green Tea Room in Passau.  

From the outside the shop didn´t look that fancy, but very pretty, comfortable and cute from the inside. Mrs. Kemper, the owner, tried to make the shop look as British as possible, even the bathroom! And she did it succesfully! 

Before we ate Mrs. Kemper told us about the history of tea time and scones. She also told us, that most British people put the milk in the cup first and then the tea. Even the queen did it that way!

After that we finally tried scones with clotted cream, which is basically very stiff whipped cream that tastes like milk, butter and cream, and strawberry jam. We also tried the signature British (black) tea with milk. We all liked it!  

It was very kind of Mrs. Kemper to invite us and we can definitely recommend it to everybody who likes British culture or just a sweet snack to calm down. 

Class 7A